Vaginismus Treatment with Botox 

If you’ve got frown lines and wrinkles, then you may have considered talking to your GP about Botox treatment. However, did you know that suffers of the painful condition vaginismus may also see relief from the same ingredients within Botox?

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a painful condition that causes muscle spasms in a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. As a result of these spasms, sexual intercourse, gynaecological exams, and tampon insertion can be both painful and challenging.

During any of these activities, a woman’s pelvic floor muscles can tighten up and contract. Muscle spasms, pain, and even temporary cessation of breathing can follow. The most commonly affected muscles are those that are used for childbirth, bowel movements, urination, sex, and orgasm.

Not only can experiencing these problems lead to frustration but significant pain and discomfort. The condition can even worsen over time.