Spring again and here comes the dreaded hayfever! If you suffer from seasonal allergenic rhinitis – otherwise known as hayfever – you are not alone. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 1 in 5 people suffer from hayfever. Tell-tale symptoms include itching nose, watering eyes and sneezing repeatedly.

Tired of stocking up on man sized tissues or over the counter antihistamines? Try these natural remedies that can help you be sneeze free!

Onion – contains quercetin, a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory which also has natural antihistamine properties. Quercetin provides relief from mild hayfever symptoms. Add red onions to salad, sandwiches and stir-fries. Forgot the breath mints?? Try other plants containing quercetin such as kale, apples, cherries and parsley.

Garlic – not just for warding off vampires, garlic is anti-inflammatory and helps to clear mucus and nasal congestion. It is also a good source of quercetin. Garlic also helps to support your immune system. Add fresh garlic to soups, stews, rice and pasta. Not a fan of the pungent herb? Try capsules or liquid supplements.

Horseradish – is a strong and spicy root vegetable which helps to clear congestion in the respiratory tract and nasal passages. Grate fresh horseradish on roasted meats or vegetables or add a good hit of wasabi to your sushi (wasabi, horseradish and mustard are all plants of the Brassica family).

Eyebright – is traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to relieve hayfever and sinusitis symptoms. Eyebright helps to treat inflamed nasal passages, running nose as well as eye redness and swelling. Eyebright can be taken as a therapeutic tea or supplement.

Vitamin C – is an antioxidant and free-radical scavenger that supports the immune system. Vitamin C is also an effective natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory. Try natural sources of vitamin C such as kiwifruit which contains more vitamin C, gram for gram, than oranges! Strawberries, red capsicums, broccoli, papaya and guava are also good food sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C can also be taken in supplement form.

Now ditch the man tissues and enjoy those beautiful spring blooms!

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