How to Have a Sneeze-Free Spring

Spring again and here comes the dreaded hayfever! If you suffer from seasonal allergenic rhinitis – otherwise known as hayfever – you are not alone. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 1 in 5 people suffer from hayfever. Tell-tale symptoms include itching nose, watering eyes and sneezing repeatedly.

Tired of stocking up on man sized tissues or over the counter antihistamines? Try these natural remedies that can help you be sneeze free!

Onion – contains quercetin, a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory which also has natural antihistamine properties. Quercetin provides relief from mild hayfever symptoms. Add red onions to salad, sandwiches and stir-fries. Forgot the breath mints?? Try other plants containing quercetin such as kale, apples, cherries and parsley.


5 Plant Based Oils for Your Skin

Natural, simple and multifunctional, cold pressed plant-based oils are a must for the beauty cupboard! Plant-based oils do double duty in the bathroom functioning as light facial creams, quick and gentle makeup removers and nourishing cleansers. Here are the must have oils for your skin, body and hair!

Extracted from the fruit of the Rosa mosqueta wild rose plant, this oil is rich in lycopene, beta-carotene, omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamins A and C which all help to prevent premature aging caused by free radicals and excessive sun exposure.

We love it because it helps to heal scarring and reduce rosacea redness

Top tip: massage through freshly washed hair to prevent frizz


5 Little Known Facts About Laser Eye Surgery

With the many advancements in laser eye surgery that have occurred over the years, there are many aspects of it that the general public is completely unaware of. As a result, and as often happens in scenarios like this, a number of important facts in relation to laser eye surgery are unknown by those who might benefit from it.

If you are thinking about laser eye surgery for yourself or a member of your family is thinking about it, it would be a crying shame if you decided against going ahead with it, because you did not know all the facts about it.

For that reason, we are going to outline 5 important, little known facts about laser eye surgery, so that your decision is based on as much knowledge as possible.

Laser Eye Surgery Is Virtually Pain-free

It is understandable that when you have the words ‘laser’ and ‘eye surgery’ together to describe a medical procedure, that thoughts of pain enter your mind. This thought of it being extremely painful is cited as the reason why more people decide against laser eye surgery than any other.

Modern laser eye surgery procedures mean that patients should feel no pain, thanks to a local anaesthetic which is administered via eye drops. At worst there may a slight feeling of discomfort, which will dissipate very quickly.


3 Herbs To Detox Your Liver

Want to detox? Start by using these three herbs in a supplement or tea!

Everyone loves turmeric! And what’s not to love. This spicy herb will detox the blood, reduce inflammation in the body and help support the gallbladder to produce bile which the liver uses to eliminate toxins. It’s a detox win:win!

Tea: Upon waking try a warm cup of Pukka Turmeric Gold Herbal Tea. This organic blend of the finest Indian turmeric, lemon fruit and whole leaf green tea will help you to feel renewed and ready to tackle another day.

Supplement: Fusion Health Turmeric is a high potency formula providing a source of bioavailable turmeric in the form of curcumin and piperine (black pepper) extracts. Taken twice a day with food, the anti-inflammatory actions of this supplement will support your body as you detox.


The Magic of Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms and mushroom extracts have a history of use in healing for thousands of years, particularly in Asian cultures. Current research confirms that mushrooms have anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties with many positive studies showing mushrooms to have numerous protective effects on the body which are causing some people to call mushrooms the original superfood!

Mushrooms contain B vitamins, trace minerals and fibre but most importantly their ‘magic’ is their high levels of beta-glucans compounds that keep immune cells alert and the amino acid ergothioneine which helps control inflammation in the body. Use mushrooms to strengthen your immune system, improve vitality, strength and stamina and fight disease and inflammation. Some mushrooms can be considered more ‘magical’ than others so before you take a trip to Diagon Alley here is the lowdown on the most common medicinal mushrooms!

Reishi – the ‘all rounder’ mushroom. Reishi fights chronic diseases, balances hormones, assists in mood disorders and tackles inflammation in the body. It provides vitality, strength & stamina. Reishi mushrooms are also powerful adaptogens which help the body to cope with stress.